In 2014 jack made a subtle transition from choreography through to videography and editing. With his experience within dance and working closely with other film makers and directors it was made clear that he understood how to capture movement and moments like no other. He managed to convey this almost immediately with his abstract approach and deep desire to make sure each frame while editing was nothing but perfect.

Jack has intuitively foreseen companies desire to keep elevated above the competition with a strong online presence. He has gone onto provide videos that cater for social media sites such as Instagram that have uniquely been designed to clearly promote the brand while building the brands client base.

Since then he has worked as a videographer for brands and companies such a Adidas, Paco Pabanne, Victoria and Albert Museum, Hippodrome Casino, ClubMob and many more, filming an array of different works and forever striving to capture majestic moments where the subject and camera are in complete harmony.