Sport England

Wheelchair Swimmer
sport_eng_swim1.jpg sport_eng_swim2.jpg sport_eng_swim3.jpg sport_eng_swim4.jpg sport_eng_swim5.jpg

With Jack’s innate ability to pay close attention to the finer details which is crucial when it comes to commercials, he surpassed expectations on these three Sport England commercials in every respect. The idea behind the three commercials was to inspire your everyday working man or woman to pick up a sport, whatever age, body type but to simply start. Working with supple in the prep leading up to the shoot days, they prepared clear and innovative movement that would look fresh in each space. The first being Boxing mum, which required choreography that enabled her to move fluidly throughout her home while naturally using the furniture around her adding humour, adding to the overall impact of the final video. The second video was the Olympic wheelchair swimmer that was set in a car park space and observed a wheelchair user imagining that he’s racing in an Olympic butterfly swimming race. With minor obstacles in the way jack worked closely with the dancer making the final product as slick as possible while aking sure his movement quality was consistent throughout the long shoot day. The final shoot was of the paper boy, a young lad on his paper round using the papers as tennis rackets and practicing an array of shots going from door to door. Over all, everyone was extremely proud of the three commercials and the client was ecstatic.

Choreographer: Jack Pointer Mackenzie
Director: Mike Harris
Production: 90 seconds