UK tours 2010-14
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Jack toured as well as choreographed for the UK based boyband JLS (Jack the lad swing) from 2008-2013. Before the tours really kicked off Jack was used for a few shows (X-factor, Alan Carr, Graham Norton) and from this his distinguishable professionalism, determination and stamina exceeded the boybands expectations and shortly after Jack was asked to join the band on their journey. His early experience rehearsing, touring and performing to as many as 85,000 people has provided him with the necessary tools needed to put together large scale shows with limited time. His Jaw dropping presence on stage and choreographic input made an impressionable impact on the audience and the band, clearly being asked back for all of the tours stemming the longevity of the bands career together.

Choreographer : Leon Petit & Jack Pointer Mackenzie
Assistant: Jack Pointer Mackenzie
Creative director: Beth