UK tour 2016
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After JAGMAC’s management sought out jack after all his work with JLS, he was asked to choreograph their UK tour, travelling with the band for two months over the summer of 2016. JAGMAC consists of six siblings from Baltimore who are extremely versatile performers. It was Jack’s job to choreograph each track and then rehearse the band in executing each number to its fullest, capturing the vibe within each song and making each piece unique. The feeling within each track varied so using his vast pool of movement he brought each track to life with constant refinement and adjustments. While keeping true to his art form Jack created some fresh innovative movement which everyone was overjoyed with. Moreover, the choreography is still being performed to this day and jacks work with the band continues.

Choreographer: Jack Pointer Mackenzie
Management: De Angelis Entertainment Ltd
Record Label: De Angelis Entertainment Ltd