Hula Hoops

hula_hoops_dance1.jpg hula_hoops_girl2.jpg hula_hoops_dance2.jpg

Jack held the audition for two sets of commercial campaigns, this being the first of the two. He led an intense day seeing hundreds of hopeful applicants for the five positions, putting them through their passes and pushing them beyond what was expected, demanding the best result.

Jack was selected specifically for this campaign because of his fresh and innovative understanding of a vast range of movement style. He worked closely with the client to choreograph routines that could be danced but also replicated with fingers. Once in the rehearsal space working closely with Supple Nam and Ninian Doff to explore ideas on the chosen dancers that stretched the concept to its limit and to excite the clients.

Choreographer: Supple Nam
Assistant: Jack Pointer Mackenzie
Director: Ninian Doff
Production: Pulse Films
Client: KP Snacks