Work song
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Choreographed by Jack Pointer Mackenzie and Jillian Meyers. This idea was only brought to life because of them. They constructed a prototype of this video a year before and once shared online, Hozier’s management got in touch with the offer of using the concept for the music video. Directed by Isaak Ravishankara, Jack and Jillian first set out to explore how couples can intimately move together at a music gig, with different couples spread out sporadically within the crowd, how the audience would react to the immersion of music and movement. This is clearly captured in the final video ‘Work song’ with Hozier’s gravelly vocals and Jack and Jillian’s phenomenal choreography intertwined as one.

Choreography: Jack Pointer Mackenzie & Jillian Meyers
Director: Isaac Ravishankara
Producer: Jason Colon
Production Manager: Brett Rea
Prod. Co: Pollution